[Question] What’s the Status with Apogee Jam?

Apogee JAM Guitar Interface for iPad, iPhone, and MacGot a question submitted to the help, topic suggestion, or news submission forum asking whats up with the Apogee Jam:

“What’s the status with Apogee Jam? Issues? Not available any more? Was it much better than iRig when working properly?”

You can pre-order it at Musicians Friend, haven’t heard of any issues… Comment and let me know if you did. Not sure what you mean by the last part, but I’ll try and answer anyway: I am 99.9% sure it’s going to be better quality than the iRig simple because it uses the dock, not the 35 mm headphone jack… Whoever asked this, comment and let me know if that answers your question!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I got mine back in March but there were connection issues and Apogee has promised to replace all defective units soon

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  2. Miguel says:

    Thomann, in Europe, has a ship date of 20 May.

    I also got a confirmation email from Apogee that the iPad records in 24-bit with the Jam (so a 24-bit signal from the Lexicon Omega looks legitimate, too).

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  3. Anonymous says:

    It is listed in the US Apple Store. Previously available, but now currently unavailable. Combining this with some of the negative reviews there, regarding bad units, one might suspect that there were some issues and wonder what the status is.

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  4. Victor Lombardi says:

    I contacted Apogee about this a couple weeks ago. They said the entire first production run of the Jam sold out. They were making manufacturing updates and doing another run, and they should be available mid-May.

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