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Episode 5 Touch Sound Podcast by TouchSoundPodcast

In Episode #05 we talk about iOS and Mac OSX becoming one, TableTop, GrainBender Synth, Karajan, the upcoming Rhythm studio, VirSyn’s Addictive Synth, AirVox, Firestudio, Hokusai and tons more! Plus this week we interview two guests – John-Paul of Retronyms and Ian Bradshaw of Korg.We’ve also got 2 copies of TableTop to give away and 4 copies of Karajan and 4 copies of Karajan Pro! Just email us or send us a tweet if you want to win one of those apps!

Don’t forget to also send us feedback, questions or songs you want played on the show. Follow us on twitter @TouchSoundPC or send us an email to info@touchsoundpodcast.com and if you like our show, don’t forget to rate us and leave us a review in iTunes. For show notes and all other info, head over to www.touchsoundpodcast.com.

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