IDEA: USB Hub + iPad Camera Connection Kit + Audio Interface = Audio MIDI Interface for iPad?

4/22/12 Update: I tried it, it works.

After seeing this video on recording audio using the iPad Camera Connection Kit in StudioMini XL, I got the following idea: what if you hooked up a USB hub to your iPad using the Camera Connection Kit to hook up a MIDI controller, and an audio interface?!

Has anybody tried this? Does it work?? Anybody know if it’s even possible?? Comment below!

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  1. wurlt01 says:

    I've used multiple midi keyboards with a USB hub with camera kit. I think it should work. The Alesis io is pretty much this I will try one of my two audio interfaces that I use with the iPad along with a midi keyboard plugged into a USB hub and see if both work with garage band.

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  2. freesoulvw says:

    I use my midi keyboard with my USB audio interface through the USB hub and CCK all the time. Yes it works just fine……welcome to the party.

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  3. Garcor says:

    I tried this last night with my m-audio Axiom 61, and it worked like the below video….

    When I tried it without the hub like some suggested, I got the device uses too much power.. Error message. So another you tuber recommended powered USB hubs. But for some odd reason, plugging a normal hub worked. Note.. I did try this with another non powered hub and that did not work, so it seems to work with some non powered hubs, and not all brands. Strange. Also, check the other below video. You will find interesting..

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