Quick App Tip #9: BeatMaker 2: Repeated and Copied Patterns

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Every region belongs to a pattern, a group of identical regions. If you edit any region of a pattern with more than one region, changes will be made to all other regions of the same pattern. The number in the upper left hand corner of every region tells you what pattern it belongs to.The BeatMaker 2 sequencer has two ways of duplicating a region: copying, and repeating. Repeating a region makes an identical region, part of the same pattern as the original. Copying a region creates a new region, identical to its original, but belonging to a new pattern. All regions created using the copy button will be colored a slightly lighter shade that the original…

If you need more help BeatMaker 2 help, check out the official manual (PDF). App manuals (list) are a great place to go for help.

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  1. discchord says:

    Handy tip, dude, thanks! Think it is time I avail myself of that manual pdf.

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