Using Multiple Microphones with the iO Dock?

After seeing this new video appear on the Alesis YouTube channel, the question “can you record multiple microphones at once using the iO Dock and GarageBand?!” immediately poped into my head. I commented on the video asking if it was possible, and got the following reply from BenDrums7:

Has anybody tried it?! Does it work?! I’m a little unsure, as I’ve heard that this isn’t possible yet; developers need to add support…

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  1. shirleylacroix says:

    Have you been able to find the cable to connect a USB keyboard to the iODock?

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  2. swalker133 says:

    Uh (if I know what your referring too), I'm pretty sure a standard USB cable would work:

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  3. Steve says:

    Sorry, but I've tried every imaginable combo of cable, hub, and adapter and it is simply impossible to hook up a USB keyboard to the iPad using the provided USB port on the IO Dock.

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  4. Brian Ping-Yao Wang says:

    I think the USB port on IO Dock is served to let computers use IO dock as MIDI device (communicating with iOS app or MIDI devices connected to IO dock).
    If you want to connect a MIDI device to IO dock I think it can only be successfully used by connecting it to the MIDI port of IO dock.

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