Airturn BT-105 Bluetooth hands free page turner app list

List last updated: October 1st, 2012

The AirTurn BT-105 is a Bluetooth foot switch page turner for the iPad and Mac and PC Bluetooth equipped computers…

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  1. Chris says:

    I just thought that I would add that the PageFlip Cicada, another Bluetooth page turning device, should also be compatible with these programs.

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  2. swalker133 says:

    thanks chris!, I'll check it out! I never heard about that one,

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  3. CleverClogs says:

    A couple of additions for your list, hopefully matching your criteria:

    Tonara for iPad by @TonaraApp (animated location cursor follows musician playing; just-in time automated page-turning; in-store purchases only)

    Avid Scorch for iPad by Sibelius / Avid (displays and plays .sib and .sco music scores)

    FreeHand MusicPad by

    Home Concert XTreme by (turns midi files into sheet music, animated location cursor)

    piaScore HD by plusadd (supports Air Page Turning; displays PDF files)

    Scorio Music Notator
    Scorio Music NoteCase (both by fun communications)

    Scorecerer by Deskew Technologies (import / export midi; displays scanned images, PDF)

    SeeScore by Dolphin Computing (displays MusicXML files)

    I know there are actually quite a few more on the market, but these are the ones I've tried or put on my wishlist.

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  4. swalker133 says:


    Thanks, I'll add em!

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  5. Ryanair1984 says:

    Iam a cruiseship piano player looking for a sheet music app

    which is the best one?

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  6. Ryanair1984 says:



    landscape mode – music notes only has portrait
    jpegs and pdfs
    includesheet music to buy
    metrenome withdiff time sigs forscore does not have thisa ability
    zoom function
    air-turn compatible

    igig book has igigbook pager for iphone – i have iphone 3gs – requires bluetooth – my phone has the bluetooth function on the displayt but does it realy work and would this be cheaper than buying the airturn?

    also is there any app to photograph sheet music using ipad camera and organise the pictures into scores? – seemsvery time consuming scanning in converting to pdfs and then transferring to ipad through itunes



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  7. Musique says:

    Don't forget Samplewiz !
    You can use any Bluetooth pedal like AirTurn or Cicada PageFlip to go from one patch to the next

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  8. Anonymous says:

    ForScore is the best, period.

    Stay away from MusicReaderPDF. The worst software I have ever used.

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  9. dz says:

    what about using this pedal for start\stop record on loopy or everyday loopper? it can be nice using it while playing guitar

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  10. Smudo says:

    I’ve also used Forscore for a while, which is really not bad. But since a half year or so i only use “Calypso Score”. This app has some superior features:

    It may record your gig while you play or practice. Even better: you can assign mp3 and sync them with the scores. That means: if you play the audio, you may tap on any bar and the audio skips to that bar. This can be so helpful for practicing – e.g. learning transcriptions or playing to your Abersold play-alongs.

    But the best thing is, it doesn’t need a Airturn, because of an automatic page layout which does a really good job (but Airturn is supported as well i think).

    And it also provides an index for most fakebooks, which is helpful for sessions.

    So for me, Calypso Score is the best sheet music app, followed by Forscore. Forget about ‘unrealbook’, ‘GigBook’, ‘iGigBook’ which i’ve also tried.

    ‘iReal b’ is still one of my fav apps too. It may make an automatic audio comping as you probably know from Band In A Box.

    Just my 2 Cent.

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  11. Russ says:

    According to the PositiveGrid website, JamUp Pro supports the Airturn Bluetooth pedal.

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  12. John says:

    Onsong has great built in comparability with air turn

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