OMAC Idea: In-App App Switching (not using Multitasking)

When I’m messing around with two VMP (Virtual MIDI Port) apps, I end up opening the multitasking menu at least ten times, switching back and forward between apps. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like having to open the multitasking menu (double-tapping the home button) ever time I need to switch. Not because I’m lazy, (well… sorta =P ) but because it’s (from what I’ve heard, let me know if I’m wrong here) bad for the life span of your iDevice… I mean, every button wares out and stops working eventually, right? Again, let me know if I’m wrong here…

With just two taps, you can switch
from MoDrum to BassLine,
and BassLine to MoDrum, without
touching the home button.

So, maybe apps with VMPs should do what finger did here… And add an in-app shortcut to another app. I’m not saying that developers should go adding a bunch of these for random apps, that would be too much. But instead, add the ability to (if it’s possible…) detect what apps they’re connected with, and add an in-app shortcut for them!

What do you think? Is this possible? stupid? pointless? a good idea? Comment below……

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  1. Anonymous says:

    On the iPad, with iOS5 starting this week, you can use 4-finger gesture to swap between running apps, without the need to double-click the home button.

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  2. swalker133 says:

    yes, but i believe that's only for ipad 2 users,

    ipad 2, ipod touch, and iphone users cant…

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