Line 6′s New Mobile In and Mobile POD App Seem to be the Best of their Kind, for Some Anyway…

Line 6 Mobile In Portable Audio Interface
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The recently released Mobile In guitar interface, and completely free iOS app, Mobile POD, have arrived with a new iOS guitar interface/app marketing strategy that may be perfect for some players. By releasing a free app that only works with Line 6′s Mobile In, users don’t have to purchase the interface and the app. Sure it costs more that an iRig, or an AmpKit Link, but the audio quality of the Mobile In is far more superior, making it totally worth it. Also, Mobile POD doesn’t have any in-app-purchases! AmpliTube and AmpKit+ on the other hand, do.

The Mobile In is priced at $79.99, while the GuitarJack Model 2 is (currently) $149.99, normally $199.99. That’s a pretty big price difference… So, if all you’re looking to do is play with a higher quality (up to 24-bit/48 kHz digital audio) interface, go with the Mobile In. It’s also compatible with any Core Audio iOS app, like GarageBand, if you’re not into Line 6 gear. The Mobile In also has a 1/8″ stereo in with a 98 dB dynamic range, for keyboards, MP3 players, or any other standard mono or stereo line-level audio source. The guitar input features a 110 dB dynamic range. Now, if you’ve got the iPad and are looking to do some serious recording, don’t bother with the GuitarJack or the Mobile In, get the Alesis iO Dock ($199.99). You can do soo much more with the iO Dock than you can with the GuitarJack. If you’ve only got the iPhone though, I’d say go with the Mobile In. But if you really need the highest quality iPhone interface out there, get yourself a GuitarJack.


  1. Rafael says:

    If you really want to record high quality guitar tones directly to your ipad ge the amazing ipb-10 from digitech… Anything else on ios sounds dirty lame and nowhere near a real guitar tone.

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  2. sean walker says:


    I don't think it's got higher quality than the iO Dock… does it?

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  3. Steve Conrad says:

    DOnt forget the Pocketlabworks iRiffPort

    * Guitar In
    * Stereo Line In
    * Stereo Line out
    * 30 pin interface to iPhone/iPad

    * More portable than Alesis I/O Dock when on the road

    they have a $20 off coupon if you send a pic of your existing IOS guitar interface.

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  4. Eric says:

    Is the IO Dock compatible with the line 6 software?

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    • sean says:

      I don’t this know for a fact, but based on other companies that have a free app and an interface, like sonoma wire works, they don’t let the apps work with any other interfaces but their own.

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