[Video] Mobile Keys Overview | Line 6 New 2012 iPhone & iPad Keyboard

“Meet the world’s first tri-platform keyboards—Mobile Keys™ 25 and 49 by Line 6. Whether you want to create with an iOS device, Mac or PC—or move between all three—you can count on Mobile Keys controllers to deliver an exceptional playing experience. Mobile Keys 25 and 49 feature full-sized, velocity-sensitive keys, a solid feel and a refined look, making them perfect for any desk, stage and studio.”

More specs on their site

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  1. Pat says:

    Worlds first ??
    What happened to mpk mini and all the that
    Work already ?
    What am I missing ?

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  2. Anonymous says:

    MPK Mini and LPK25 can't connect to iPhone/iPad directly (they can connect to iPad via iPad Camera Connection Kit though). However, There does exist one keyboard supporting tri-platform prior to Mobile Keys – Synthstation 25 (it can connect to Mac / Windows via mini USB). However it can't connect to iPad without iPad CCK ;-) So The Mobile Keys should be the first for complete support IMO.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Its a good idea if not totally original . Less clutter, simpler connectivity.

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  4. Sean Walker says:

    there was a lot of hype on Synthtopia's post about the keyboard not having aftertouch…..


    I don't think line 6 is going to do so hot on this one… Then again, it might be good for someone who doesn't already have a MIDI keyboard so they don't have to get a CCK/iRigMIDI-like interface, AND a keyboard…

    -Sean (blog author)

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