Cantor Released!

App Store description:

A Microtonal Guitarist’s synth, designed for extreme playability on the iPhone and iPad. It is the successor to Geo Synthesizer and Mugician. It does send a specialized MIDI output (requires a multi-timbral synth that can handle independent channels is all but necessary, such as SampleWiz or ThumbJam in OMNI mode, or Arctic Synth). The internal synth is driven by the actual MIDI output, because external MIDI synths are the main point of this project rather than the internal audio engine. It has a basic looper/delay combination, and the loop can be copied out as a sample to the general pasteboard for apps such as GarageBand.

It is very expressive in terms of per-finger filtering (channel pressure tracks finger-area, CC11 tracks vertical position).

The MIDI code used in this project (formerly called AlephOne) is in this open source project:

This project traces its origins to to Mugician, and Geo Synthesizer (which was released on Wizdom Music with Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess and his developer Kevin Chartier). See the numerous youtube videos and tutorials on how to play those instruments, as those lessons apply.

Cantor - Rob Fielding

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  1. 2anonymous2Breal says:

    No mentions of Rob Fielding? C’mon man!! Rob is the real wizard behind Mugician and Geosynth.

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  2. Wayne earl says:

    Ummm….the words quoted ARE Rob Felding. Rob is the guy speaking in the video. Who do you think @rrr00bb is?

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