It’s May…

Remember this thing? The app that will be able to record up to 24 tracks at once? and play up to 48 tracks simultaneously? Well, the Wave Machine Labs website says it will be available in May. It’s May… I can’t wait!!! I received a beta test email application yesterday, so hopefully we’ll be hearing more about Auria soon!

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  1. Angel says:

    I also received the email application to be part of the beta test. I hope to be selected and be able to put the app to its paces.

    One thing I'll not be able to do at the moment will be to do mutitracck recording as my NI Audio Kontrol 1 is not supported on iPad.

    I'm trying to be one of those musicians to use the iPad exclusively to make music (i.e. record voice/instruments, use apps, mix and share). It is hard, as I still have to visit my PC for things like iTunes file sharing to move files from app to app (like on SampleTank), and to record the iPad's output to my PC DAW (for instance while using Fairlight), but it is getting closer by the day to be PC/MAC free.

    I definitely see this as the alternative for those of us that love to make music, but are not pro enough to spend on a proper PC/MAC studio setup. I missed the computer music wave when it started on the 80's and 90's; I want to ride the next wave of development and being part of that story.

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  2. Adrian Craig says:

    add AudioBus and it could be great music statio9n.
    But without AudioBus, without ability to work with multi-INPUT AND multi-OUTPUT audio/MIDI interfaces – even iPad 27 will be nothing.

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