List of iOS music apps that support ‘Open In…’ for audio files

Here’s a list of music apps that can use the iOS ‘Open In…’ function to open audio files in other applications. This can be done with any app that supports ‘Open In…’, the Dropbox app is just being shown as an example. In the Dropbox app, you need to have the file starred (stored locally) before you can use open it in other apps.

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List last updated October 15, 2012

  1. Hokusai Audio Editor – open Wav, Mp3
  2. Stochastik Drum Machine – open Wav
  3. MultiTrack DAW - open .Wav, Mp3 – Has an ‘Open In…’ button for Regions, Bins, and Mixdowns
  4. FL Studio Mobile and FL Studio Mobile HD- open Wav, Mp3
  5. Music Studio - open Wav, Mp3
  6. n-Track Studio- open Wav
  7. SampleWiz- open Wav
  8. Reforge – Waveform Editor – open Wav
  9. JamUp Pro – open Mp3
  10. Tempo SlowMo – open Mp3
  11. TwistedWave Audio Editor
  12. BitWiz Audio Synth
  13. Loopy HD – open Wav, Mp3
  14. MoDrum - import Wav, Mp3 for the built in looper and open loops created in MoDrum in other apps
  15. Air Recorder – supports ‘Open In…’ for opening in other applications
  16. NLog MIDI Synth & NLogSynth PRO - export Wav recording in other apps
  17. AudioShare
  18. ThumbJam – This app actually has a very useful audio file manager. you can use ‘Open In…’ to open just about anything from made in the ThumbJam in other apps: the individual loops of a loop set, sessions, and samples.
  19. Sylo Synthesiser Free app, IAP (in app purchase required for ‘Open In…’) – Open recordings in other apps
  20. DrumJam – Open loops or a whole performances as 44.1kHz 16-bit WAV files in other apps
  21. New! djay – Open audio files in djay and open recordings in other apps

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  1. Twisted Wave is another audio editor with “open in” functionality.

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    • sean says:

      Cool, just added it. :)
      Do you know what audio formats it will open? It’s app store description says “WAV, AIFF, CAF and AAC audio support” so I’m assuming it would open each of those from email / Dropbox, but just thought i’d see if you knew- I don’t own it!


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  2. BitWiz Audio Synth allows the user to use “Open in…” to open a recorded soundfile made in bitwiz in another app.

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  3. Jeff Robbins says:

    Roland’s excellent – and free! – Air Recorder ( is lean and mean. It doesn’t have a lot of features, but instead just focuses on recording, opting for “open in…” functionality for more advanced features. This allows you to open recordings in other apps to, for instance, upload to DropBox or Evernote or edit with Hokusai.

    It really feels like the future of iOS. I just wish that the SoundCloud app supported “open in”.

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  4. Jeff Robbins says:

    Nope. No built-in Dropbox support. But I find that “open in..” works better than most apps built-in Dropbox support.

    Also, no email support – which is kind of a bummer. But maybe iOS 6 will have “open in…” support in the Mail app. We can always hope!

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  5. Dawn says:

    Filebrowser supports open in too

    In case you haven’t heard of it filebrowser let’s you (among other things) send files too and from a wifi network drive like a time capsule without even turning your computer on :)

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  6. Suzy says:

    Is there a way to open a music file in the music app or add to a playlist on the iPhone.
    No trouble opening song on iPhone but just want to be able to add it to my playlists on the music app without having to use my MacBook
    Thanks for any help

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