iConnectionKit iPad Camera Connection Kit Cydia jailbreak tweak iPod Touch issue

Update: Cydia tweak, CameraConnector has been released under the BigBoss repo!

I’m sure that by now, many of you know of the (hopefully) upcoming iConnectionKit Cydia tweak that will allow the iPhone / iPod Touch iPad Camera Connection Kit support. I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while, but only recently remembered this issue after connecting a MIDI keyboard to a 4th generation iPod Touch with the beta version (which was sent to me back in April – I’m really late here). For some reason, Apple put the headphone port on the iPod Touch at the bottom of the device, next to the dock connector. So depending on the size of the headphone jack you want to use with the Camera Connection Kit, they may not both fit. The CCK is about 1.15 inches wide, so there are some headphones that will work, but my headphone’s jack, which seems pretty normal sized (~0.375 inches), doesn’t fit.

This will not effect iPhone users, the headphone port on the iPhone is located at the top of the device.

Assuming your headphone’s jack is too wide, you could still use the iPad Camera Connection Kit for other purposes, like an accelerometer MIDI controller, or just for a convenient way to back up / make space on a USB thumb drive or SD card…

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  1. J.C says:

    Can’t wait for this tweak to come out, but how long will it take??? It seems under development since a century!

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  2. roy says:

    I had to pry open my Camera Connection Kit just to plug the earphones

    Best. Decision. Yet.

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  3. 投稿者の方はドン引き。なのにその人は「貰ってきなよ~」と薦めたらしく・・・。
    マタニティブルー いざ妊娠すると、つけるのを躊躇ってしまい

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