Bluetooth MIDI on iOS: the first steps!

I’ve been thinking about Bluetooth MIDI on iOS for a while now, and it’s finally happening! I shot the developer an email yesterday asking if he had plans to add Virtual MIDI to his upcoming ROTOSynth app. This would allow any app that supports Virtual MIDI, to also support Bluetooth MIDI simply by using ROTOSynth as a ‘bridge.’ Also, we wouldn’t have to wait for every developer to add Bluetooth support. He replied with

That’s a fantastic idea that I hadn’t really thought of. In fact, maybe it’d be best to just have a really basic app that just implements my Bluetooth stuff and sends/receives MIDI messages to other apps with Virtual MIDI. ROTOSynth still has dev to be done on the synth engine, so this way, I could get the BT stuff out without having to finish ROTOSynth first. I’m thinking about taking the project to Kickstarter, I’m just a really busy grad student and I almost need a little startup company to get this going.

…I’m TOTALLY going to back that Kickstarter.

Jay put a page up on his site that details the hardware, software, and some latency stats that YOU HAVE TO SEE. He’s looking for some positive feedback before getting started so if this is something you’d like to see LEAVE HIM A COMMENT HERE!

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  1. Alisa Hill says:

    It is absolutely a great idea of implementing virtual MIDI to upcoming ROTOSynth app. I would like to see in future.

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