MIDI over Bluetooth: Why it’s ideal for iOS

Update: BlueMidi: Bluetooth MIDI for iOS is here! & It has Virtual MIDI!

MIDI over Bluetooth on iOS would be a breakthrough in convenience, portability, as well as save you some money. MIDI controllers with Bluetooth built in would be wireless (obviously) providing for more portability, as there would be no need for an interface or cables. If there was a keyboard like the nanoKEY2 that supported Bluetooth, your mobile studio could be expanded with a physical instrument that you could take with you on those hour long train rides to work. Also, there would be no need for a WiFi network, and your dock connector would be freed up for an audio interface.

Another thought: A free app could (has beenApp Store link) be developed that sends MIDI received via Bluetooth to another app via Virtual MIDI instead of waiting for every developer to add Bluetooth support. Similarly, a physical Bluetooth MIDI plug could allow you to use the hardware you already own.

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  1. jpenca says:

    neat.. does anyone know if BT does error checking necessary for SDS or sysex?

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  2. Jens says:

    Midi over bluetooth combined with audiobus would be awesome. not sure if audiobus will allow streaming audio through wlan but if it would all my old ios devices could be plugged together to one studio. absolutely awesome. I really hope this will get reality soon.

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  3. David says:

    BT is still forbidden by the FAA so not useful in-flight (yet). Also, I am not yet convinced the latency is good enough for performance (need <5msecs).

    re error handliing: if MIDI over BT is done as RtMidi over BT PAN then it will have the same issues as over WiFi, i.e. dropped packets will happen. Also if it is done as a BT serial device port. Wireless promises great convenience but can not be reliable in busy environments such as public transport, only mostly OK in controlled environments such as (maybe) on stage or in studio.

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  4. Alisa Hill says:

    MIDI controllers with Bluetooth are having maximum portability than any other device. It is better to have a keyboard which can be expanded with a physical instrument

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