AmpKit developers keeping an eye on the AirTurn

As I posted earlier this week, the AirTurn BT-105 Bluetooth page turner could potentially be one brilliant companion for guitar effects processing apps. I just got word from the developers of the AmpKit app for iOS (free version available) regarding Bluetooth support:

We’ve got an eye on the AirTurn, as well as the Griffin Box, the Alesis Docks, and several other pedal controllers designed to work with iOS devices. Our objective is to add compatibility to as wide a range of devices as possible – but we’re not there just yet. I can’t make promises about when, but this is a very hot topic internally, and we continue to look at what can be done in future releases.

Good to know that it’s on their radar. If we do start seeing this, a lot more guitar interfaces will be better suited for live use, as you’ll be able to use a pedal like the AirTurn BT-105 4 pedal version to activate various effects/presets, instead of having to hook up a MIDI pedal board. Plus, less cables is always better. You might even be able to play a live show with just an iPhone, guitar interface, AirTurn pedal, and speaker system!

AmpKit+ - Agile Partners

Free version available: AmpKit - Agile Partners


  1. Spookyzoo says:

    Like you say… Great to hear its on their radar! Cool news, thanks.

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  2. JimStraynge says:

    I liked that thing when it had 2 peddles, almost bought one

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  3. clark says:

    I bought one of these Airturn kits but opted for the FS6 metal pedals Airturn offered. I use it to switch between presets in JamupProXT along with my guitar jack from Sonoma as the interface. would like to see some more pedal features rather than just switching from one preset to the next in line. I’d rather be able to assign a total preset to one pedal and a completely different preset to another pedal. that would be easier than making sure presets are in line and which preset is next. I’ve used it live and it was cool to be able to add the tube screamer to the chain for the chorus and pull it out for the verses. even created a mute effect to silence my guitar during times the pastor was talking.

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