[New iOS Musician YouTube video] BeatMaker v2.4 demo

A beta demo of BeatMaker v2.4 which was submitted yesterday.

Full feature list:
► Stereo bus recording on audio tracks
► Four audio sends available per mixer tracks
► New 6-band parametric equalizer (LPF, low shelf,band pass, peak, notch, high shelf, HPF)
► New side-chain option in compressor effect
► Double-tapping track handles in the sequencer brings instrument/audio track configuration
► iPhone 5 specific graphical update
► UI and engine improvements
► Time-stretch and pitch-shift quality/settings have been improved
► Ability to zoom vertically in the sequencer
► Faster graphic rendering on iPad 3 with iOS 6 installed

► Fix a bug in empty keyboard sampler when LFO settings were changed
► Dropbox will now work when background mode is disabled
► Fix file transfer lock issue on iOS 6
► Fix QUICK LOAD browser files not showing up (uppercase extensions)
► Improve virtual MIDI
► Background mode has been enabled back by default
► MIDI OUT enabled by default

BeatMaker 2 - INTUA

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  1. Hypersleep says:

    That 6 band parametric EQ is so awesome. That and compressor sidechaining make this update big news. On top of that, four send effects per track and stereo audio tracks.

    BM2 is just under Auria in terms of feature completeness. It leaves other iOS DAW apps in the dust. Keep it up, Intua.

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    • Mho says:

      Other way round. Auria is Audio only. If i had to decide between the two, auria would not stand a chance against BM.

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