Help question: Synth app for 80′s band

Via Email:

“I play in a 80′s cover band. I’m looking to use a good synth app to connect to a MIDI keyboard. Looking to replicate a lot of the 80′s keyboard sounds ala Bon Jovi, VH, etc… what is the best synth app to do this? Most of the stock apps you have to purchase the extra packs to sample the sounds….I’d like to avoid paying to test if possible.

Also, is there any other apps besides the voice app from IK and TC for helping with “vocals” live?”

Definitely, the new Korg iPolysix. Would anyone like to recommend anything else or share any patches? Leave a comment below!

KORG iPolysix - KORG INC.


  1. Definitely the iPolysix. Although listening to some of the demos I was reminded of Orbital and Depeche Mode, more so than the more commercial pop bands. So maybe some reinforcement in the big lead/pad sounds from NLog Pro or PPG or Figure…

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  2. Stuart says:

    PPG, nLog, iPolysix, Cassini, and don’t forget the DXi.

    Depends on what flavour of 80s you’re after. I’d take a look at what the original bands used then see if anything in ios land fits. The ipolysix might be just what you’re after but it probably won’t play well with others. As long as you tweak your voice count you might be able to successfully run ppg and nlog or dxi on different midi channels and access each one with a different controller. Kind of like the big keyboard rigs of the day but way smaller.

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  3. JG says:

    Thanks for the help…mostly on the rock side….bon jovi, journey, vh. Not so much any other styles…it’s a 80′s hard rock cover. So looking for the synth to compliment like living on a prayer, jump, photograph..etc

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