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In 1981 I was eleven years old, and oblivious to synthesizers. It wasn’t until my late teens when I discovered them by introduction through a musician friend with rich parents. I saw and touched a Polysix but never played one.

Korg has given us all an opportunity to revisit one of the more impressive analog synth classics with a perfect replication of iPolysix. So put on your acid-washed jeans, your Sunday best tie-dye, poof your hair, and smoke a….mmm… A um…hmmm. Don’t smoke.

iPolysix comes with a full set of options to recreate early 80s analog synth awesomeness, 2 synth units, 16 to 64 step PolySeq sequencers made just for iPolysix, and a six part drum machine. All of which can be fully automated and mixed with the on-board analog Mixer 8. Additionally, 2 sweet Kaoss pads with chordal expression are packed in.

The main thing that set Polysix apart from the other synths of the day is that polyphony was limited mostly to 5 notes. 5 was a big deal back then! Korg just had to one-up everyone with Polysix, and its 6 note polyphony capability-a big achievement at the time. Not only was it the first 6 note polyphony synth, but it had the amazing rich quality analog sounds Korg was known for that put it on top as a worldwide best seller.

Today we see many classic analog synths being emulated, and for the most part quite well. Having this arrive on iPad sounding as excellent as it does is a significant achievement, once again by Korg. The audio quality is outstanding! No noticeable latency whatsoever, and very stable.

The blend of old (Polysix Synth) with the new (Kaoss pads, sequencer, etc) come together smashingly. All in a user interface designed to flow smooth as a lava lamp. It has a retro design quality that puts you back in time surrounded by pro quality virtual analog tools. Some of the graphic design, however pleasant to look at, takes up valuable screen space. This is most noticeable when the Kaoss pads are up, blocking part of the Key Assignment bank. As an added touch of class there is a PDF of the original manual in the help section. A modern one more relevant to iPolysix is also included.

Creating sequences is a breeze. Tap in your notes or beats, up to 64 steps per pattern, per sequencer, and copy and move the patterns around in song mode to bring your mix to life. There’s 6 selectable sequence modes to choose from each with its unique expression. The preset sounds are what you might expect mimicking the sounds from the original. They are great for building off to make your own patches that can be saved for future use. Just forget about sharing patches, but more on that later.

A simple arpeggiator is installed with key latch, speed, and octave selections. Pretty basic, but it will do.
Just about everything can be automated in fine detail. To automate something you just give a long hold on a dial, and a automation control box pops up. Each step can be tweaked independently. The long tap is really not long at all. In fact many times I was slowly fine tuning something and the automation box popped up unwanted.
Each synth has only one FX bank, but is loaded with many amazing sound FX. If you’re just setting up a pattern then using the master FX (which are global) can be used as a second FX unit. Not a great solution if you’re working on a song, but its good for single pattern parts if you really need the additional FX. The option to mix the master FX level per channel is available so it doesn’t have to be in everything.

Recording is just a button tap away, and it will record according to the sequencer and drum input in a pattern or song. If you want to record a single sequence part you can, just solo the part you want from the Mixer 8. Otherwise everything will record together. Solo or mute whatever you need to.

Now this is where I hit a bit of a wall. iPolysix does not record live performances or improvisations played out on the keyboard or Kaoss pads. So if you solo while recording the pattern or song, it will not be part of the recording. WHY? This may make perfect sense to some but it drives me crazy.

Another slight knock is you cannot share patches. If you have multiple devices with iPolysix on them, forget swapping a patch. You will have no choice but to reprogram from scratch. Good luck with that.

Currently there’s no virtual MIDI or background audio. Yeah, really.
You share patterns or songs via AudioCopy, and through the PolyShare to SoundCloud. PolyShare is interesting as it puts your iPolysix mix up on your SoundCloud where other iPolysix users can swap, and collaborate. I’d rather have Dropbox, but ok.

At half off the intended price tag until end of this year, I suppose these issues can be forgiven. However if they are not addressed by the time Korg ups the price, I can’t say that it would be fair.

For now this is a fair deal for a truly amazing-sounding synth of the highest quality. Not to mention all the extras they throw in to make this not just a synth, but a full blown analog work station. No regrets for me. I love iPolysix. Not too shabby for version 1. I just hope Korg will be quick to improve the few no brainer issues in a update soon.

4 stars – Recommended.

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  1. jkant says:

    Nice review for a great sounding app!
    Another bad point:
    - no midi cc implementation (iMS-20 has a nice one).

    And yes I’d like to export and share patches…


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  2. Joey says:

    Great review! Thanks for posting <3 Re improvements – I would like an option to turn off the automation popup when holding a control. Sharing patches between devices & opening with Mail app would be nice. I agree re background audio & virtual midi, but Korg hasn't added these to their other apps, but I hope they still can..

    Still, I love iPolysix – it sounds incredible & is worth every penny! <3

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  3. Darth Sneakers says:

    A minor detail that could be better:
    “Steps” vs ” Sequence”.
    The Steps page shows if there is a note in a slot,
    but the sequence page is where you go to find out what note that is.
    And, if you deactivate the note on the Steps page,
    then the Sequence page will forget what note that was,
    so you can’t just turn it back on again without re-selecting it.
    I wish there was just the Sequence page without the Steps page living on top of it.

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  4. marlow77 says:

    “Now this is where I hit a bit of a wall. iPolysix does not record live performances or improvisations played out on the keyboard or Kaoss pads. So if you solo while recording the pattern or song, it will not be part of the recording. WHY? This may make perfect sense to some but it drives me crazy.”

    —>So bummed about this! I wanted to plug in my midi YRG midi guitar to jam with the synths and record sequences…. After seeing so many people’s videos so far I thought that midi in recording was a done deal. I am going to email Korg and try to find out right now.

    Thanks Smitemattr for a great review…

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  5. Batninja says:

    I’m not clear about live recording as I have no problem recording and overdubbing using a YouRock midi guitar via camara connection kit on Synth 1. Works great for me.

    My only problem which is a real pain, is that I cannot play Orr record the Synth 2 voice or the Drum voices like Bass using midi input. the soft keyboard works for the Synth 2 voice but oddly not for the Bass drum voices.

    Roll on update version 1.01

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    • Marlow77 says:

      Bat ninja,

      Thanks for your comments. Glad to know that it might be implemented at least partially then…I sent an email to Korg to see what they say too. It seems their FAQ indicated at least playing with MIDI through the CCK. I feel that it may be worth it just for the first synth.

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    • Stuart says:

      I don’t have the app yet (or a midi guitar for that matter). But it may just be a channel problem. If the iPolysix is anything like the iMS-20 then each part is on it’s own channel. Try switching your guitar to transmit on channel 2.

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  6. iPlogger (Steve) says:

    If it is like iMS-20, then only the main synth can be used over MIDI. All other synths are part of the drum machine and must be programmed. But I don’t have iPolySix yet, so I might be way off.

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  7. Batninja says:

    Thanks soon much Stuart! It was just a case of selecting a midi channel on the YouRock guitar. Now I can play and record all 8 voices

    Midi 1 = Synth 1
    Midi 2 = Synth 2
    Midi 4 to 8 = Drum voices (there’s some nice bass voices)

    Couple of points, if the guitar is out of the note range it won’t record the drum/bass part and it will only record the drum/bass part in the Seq screen not the Syn screen

    I’m loving it! Time for a YouTube video…..google Batninja

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  8. David Khan says:

    Great review as always and I agree about the lack of sharing.

    I would also like to thank all the guys in comments above some great advice there, Thankyou

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  9. Spookyzoo says:

    Just an update if anybody is interested in getting this app.

    It does record performances on the keyboard and kaoss pads.
    It does respond to incoming virtual midi.
    It does have background audio
    You can share patches by uploading your project to poly share and then redownload that project on another device…it includes ALL relevant data.
    It has Audiobus compatability.

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