Korg iPolysix, now Tabletop? Could this be the start of social remixing trend?

When Korg’s new iPolysix app dropped I was shocked in discovering the SoundCloud based remixing feature – what Korg is calling ‘Polyshare’. The app’s built in SoundCoud browser that lets you ‘Remix’ other tracks made with iPolysix, downloading the entire project and putting you right were the original artist was! Same patches, mixer settings, ect… Not only does this make remixing a lot easier and a lot more social, but it turns SoundCloud into a learning resource for aspiring producers. Exploring the project file for a completed track is a great way to learn synthesis, mixing, and the software itself…

Now that Tabletop is doing the same thing, I’m hopeful that this will turn into a trend and more apps will add their own SoundCloud based remixing feature. Maybe DAW apps like BeatMaker or NanoStudio will catch on, that would certainly be interesting.

Is there an app that you’d like to see get SoundCloud based remixing? Leave a comment below!

Korg iPolysix (%50 off until December 31: $14.99) on the KORG iPolysix - KORG INC.
Tabletop (free) on the Tabletop - Retronyms


  1. Ryan says:

    What a great idea from Korg!
    This should hopefully demystify many aspects of electronic music making and will make remixing more accessible.

    I agree that NanoStudio and BeatMaker should get on board with this idea.

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  2. James says:

    The Mona Lisa is fine as she is. We don’t need another ear added on top of her head, even if your name is Pablo Picasso, and we don’t need a moustache drawn on her top lip, even if you’re Salvador Dali. Da Vinci finished Mona Lisa, and that was that. Part of the allure is in not knowing quite what it is that gives her an allure.

    I don’t want beats on a Beatles or Stones record when we had Ringo and Charlie doing it better. The originals were great. Don’t tinker!

    I take the same view to remixing as I do ‘Mona Lisa’. When I finish a piece, it’s finished. I don’t want beats on it. I don’t want swathes of reverb, I don’t want it sliced, chopped, re-tooled or anything else. It’s my music and I put it out the way I want it put out. It’s my artistic vision, and my baby being sent out into the world, ‘perfect’ in my eyes.

    So I’m afraid I take a different approach to ‘remixing’, in that I’m against it. Full stop. I’ve got the Polysix app, but I sincerely hope that the ‘Polyshare’ facility can be disabled.

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  3. Spookyzoo says:

    I’ve just gone back to iPolysix and really like this feature. Nanostudio does have a similar feature. It’s very easy to share and load Nanostudio projects between users with.nsp files.

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