Touch Music Podcast – Episode 2

We’re back with episode 2 of the Touch Music Podcast!

Show Notes:

In case you missed episode 1, we are Tim Webb from Discchord and Chip Boaz from iOS Music And You. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes to keep up with the show!


  1. Mike george says:

    I agree imini is a turn off as it has no copy paste or audiobus….and. Really dont think its planned…honestly.
    Seems retronyms is trying to use a propellerheads approach of not being anything but a closed system

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    • Mark Rufino says:

      The biggest difference being that reason was very very stable and sounded great. I tried to use tabletop, but it was anything but stable or good sounding to me. Imini sounds amazing, and No audiobus or acp is limiting, but more importantly, it’s got some serious bugs that also make it unusable for live performance (I’ve tried, went back to nlog pro until arturia fixes, nlog pro has NEVER crashed or had stuck notes on me even once, probably used it on 30 gigs now). Still, I look at imini as I bought in on version one at a discount, if they fix it I’ll be happy. If they leave it buggy and trading on the moog name, then I will not spend another dime on arturia products again in my life. I’ve had some words with them online in various places about the attitude ios customers are used to from developers (openness and collaborative, personal interaction with their userbase), and they state they are working to improve that, so we’ll see. Anyway, great show, I’m almost finished with it.

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  2. Bobbo says:

    One thing that really helps in turning those small knobs in the Korg apps: Touch the knob. Then slide your finger so you can see the knob without the finger in the way. You can now move up and down easily and watch the values change.

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    • Sean says:

      i think that every developer w/ knobs in their app needs to add what the MIDI Designer developer did, where it shows a temporary knob around your finger, that you can always see, while you’re turning a knob…..

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  3. peter says:

    They heard you on Imini. Audiobus!

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