Quick App Tip #27: Open iOS Synthesizer App Patches with iZip – No Computer Required

I’ve been asked this if this was possible multiple times which makes sense as a large percentage of my readers aren’t around desktop or laptop computers very much. If you’re on the move with just an iOS device and in need of some inspiration, you can unzip zipped preset packs (this listSunsine Audio, and App Sound are great sources for free and paid packs) with iZip and open them into certain synth apps using the ‘Open In…’ functionality in iOS. So far I’ve successfully tried this with NaveSunrizer, Sunrizer XS, Magellan, Magellan Jr - if you know of any other synths that can open patchs via ‘Open In…’ please leave a comment below!

Note: If Magellan / Magellan Jr presets aren’t appearing, try opening Magellan before opening the presets from iZip.


  1. -=stereofect=- says:

    works with Cassini (for iPhone) as well. Not sure about the iPad version. It’s worth noting that you have to open each preset individually in Cassini and then remember to save it. Which is okay ’cause if you don’t like a preset just go back to iZip and open another one. Very cool!

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  2. AJ says:

    I’m not getting imini to pop up when I hit open in. Dropbox is the only option. What am I missing?

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