Miselu C.24 – Bluetooth, ‘Expandable,’ iPad Keyboard

Finally! Portable Bluetooth iPad keyboards are beginning to surface! Enter the Miselu C.24! Remember the Neiro? It’s developers have put the project on pause, but “hope to resume android development when the time is right,” to develop what looks like the best solution for on the go keyboarding I’ve seen. MIDI Bluetooth support, all thought I’m not sure how it will work (something like BlueMIDI possibly?), will provide for a much more ideal ‘on the train’ studio setup, and will also free up your iPad’s dock. No more powered USB hubs or Camera Connection Kits and USB cables on the train. Just Bluetooth. Much more convenient and, most importantly, it will be much easier to capture inspiration.

The C.24 also has a space above the keyboard for expandable hardware control modules. 3rd parties will be able to create custom control modules designed specifically for their own app! A hardware extension of an iPad synth you can take with you anywhere… How cool is that?! What apps would you like to see a C.24 extension for? Leave a comment below! I wonder if Miselu will one day make a larger kerboard with the same expandable module concept, then developers would have loads of space to create physical extensions of their apps. Maybe we’d start to see a whole wave of module extensions for iOS synthesizers that replicate the knob/slider UI in the actual app. This could really bring iPad synth apps to life!

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Check out this video demoing the sliding keyboard… genius!

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  1. Rok says:

    I think it is great that they are pushing the limits of portability of a keyboard. But I would prefer if they could make a slim four octave key Bluetooth keyboard. My main problem is the dock mode, because it is usually to flimsy.

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  2. Cray23 says:

    I use a lot of synth apps and other music apps so I don’t think special controls with layout for each app would be any benefit to people unless you have backpack full of 3rd party expansions and hundreds of dollars spend but then, would you swap controller every time you use different app? I don’t think that’s is what they meant. One great designed generic controller should be fine. Right now I’m using Samson’s graphite49( by its size not really portable ) and I use it with my iphone and ipad and it is great. Almost every synth I use got midi learn so it is death easy to assign controls and if I want to go to my garden I just use 9v rechargeable battery to power controler and all works like charm. I think that Bluetooth keyboard is splendid idea but I do not trust company’s like miselu as from what I heard from them is without difference what politics says… Just promises! But in case they release it I’m very interested. Before that I’m going to design my own ios hardware synt. Will post it when I get it ready guys

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  3. Alisa Hill says:

    Bluetooth iPod keyboard is famous for its portability and the extra features it has those are generally not available in other keyboards what you have explained above.

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  4. Jim Eshleman says:

    Now Miselu says the delivery date for initial Kickstarter backers has been pushed back (again) to June 2014. That’s almost a year since this article was written.

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