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Miselu C.24 – Bluetooth, ‘Expandable,’ iPad Keyboard

Finally! Portable Bluetooth iPad keyboards are beginning to surface! Enter the Miselu C.24! Remember the Neiro? It’s developers have put the project on pause, but “hope to resume android development when the time is right,” to develop what looks like the best solution for on the go keyboarding I’ve seen. MIDI Bluetooth support, all thought I’m not sure how it will work (something like BlueMIDI possibly?), will provide for a much more ideal ‘on the train’ studio setup, and will also free up your iPad’s dock. No more powered USB hubs or Camera Connection Kits and USB cables on the train. Just Bluetooth. Much more convenient and, most importantly, it will be much easier to capture inspiration.

The C.24 also has a space above the keyboard for expandable hardware control modules. 3rd parties will be able to create custom control modules designed specifically for their own app! A hardware extension of an iPad synth you can take with you anywhere… How cool is that?! What apps would you like to see a C.24 extension for? Leave a comment below! I wonder if Miselu will one day make a larger kerboard with the same expandable module concept, then developers would have loads of space to create physical extensions of their apps. Maybe we’d start to see a whole wave of module extensions for iOS synthesizers that replicate the knob/slider UI in the actual app. This could really bring iPad synth apps to life!

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Check out this video demoing the sliding keyboard… genius!

C.24 featuring Nave Advanced Wavetable synth for iPad

BlueMidi: Bluetooth MIDI for iOS is here! and it has Virtual MIDI!

[This post has been updated with some important notes]

Bluetooth is the future of MIDI on iOS.

Several weeks ago, we saw the first steps toward this, and today it’s one step further. Introducing BlueMidi: a Virtual MIDI compatible Bluetooth MIDI transmitter for iOS. This app receives MIDI from other apps running on the same iOS device and continues to send that MIDI, through Bluetooth, to your Mac via this helper app.

Note: This and the post you are currently reading are not by the same developer. So this does not correspond with this (the video embedded above).

Also note that: The second app being demonstrated in the video has pads that light up slightly after you touch them, making it not a very good latency demonstration…

Another note: This app requires a Mac running Bluetooth LE, meaning Macs released after June 2012.

One more note: the iOS app requires Bluetooth LE and is compatible with the following devices:

  • iPhone 4S and iPhone 5
  • iPod Touch 5th gen.
  • iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini
  • The app also requires iOS 6.0 or later

Now, there is no need for a WiFi network (it’s been proven insignificant anyway – note that that test was done with a different iOS app) and your dock is now freed up for an audio interface or charging cable! All that’s missing now is Bluetooth MIDI hardware or an adapter!

BlueMidi - Mikkel Gravgaard

Music Binder and the 4 pedal AirTurn BT-105 – If you play in a piano bar, you need this app…

The sheet music apps available for the iPad have changed the way piano bar pianists perform forever. Check out this video from Hugh Sung, one of the founders of AirTurn Inc, demonstrating how quickly and easily you can open up a song with this app, and it’s comparability with the AirTurn BT-105. Brilliant.

Music Binder - VadeCreation

That match corresponding song in iPod library with PDF metadata feature is also, pretty brilliant.

AmpKit developers keeping an eye on the AirTurn

As I posted earlier this week, the AirTurn BT-105 Bluetooth page turner could potentially be one brilliant companion for guitar effects processing apps. I just got word from the developers of the AmpKit app for iOS (free version available) regarding Bluetooth support:

We’ve got an eye on the AirTurn, as well as the Griffin Box, the Alesis Docks, and several other pedal controllers designed to work with iOS devices. Our objective is to add compatibility to as wide a range of devices as possible – but we’re not there just yet. I can’t make promises about when, but this is a very hot topic internally, and we continue to look at what can be done in future releases.

Good to know that it’s on their radar. If we do start seeing this, a lot more guitar interfaces will be better suited for live use, as you’ll be able to use a pedal like the AirTurn BT-105 4 pedal version to activate various effects/presets, instead of having to hook up a MIDI pedal board. Plus, less cables is always better. You might even be able to play a live show with just an iPhone, guitar interface, AirTurn pedal, and speaker system!

AmpKit+ - Agile Partners

Free version available: AmpKit - Agile Partners

Loopy HD and the AirTurn 4 Pedal BT-105

A perfect pair! I did not know that AirTurn offered a 4 pedal BT-105. It’d be nice to start seeing some guitar apps (JAMUP PRO) work with this thing. There’d be no worrying about wires during live performances, plus it’d free up your dock for connecting an audio interface instead of a MIDI pedal board (although we’ll be seeing an alternative to that soon enough).

Loopy for iPhone Loopy - A Tasty Pixel
Loopy HD for iPhone and iPad Loopy HD - A Tasty Pixel
JamUp Pro XT for iPhone and iPad is currently %50 off JamUp Pro XT - Positive Grid LLC

Bluetooth MIDI on iOS: the first steps!

I’ve been thinking about Bluetooth MIDI on iOS for a while now, and it’s finally happening! I shot the developer an email yesterday asking if he had plans to add Virtual MIDI to his upcoming ROTOSynth app. This would allow any app that supports Virtual MIDI, to also support Bluetooth MIDI simply by using ROTOSynth as a ‘bridge.’ Also, we wouldn’t have to wait for every developer to add Bluetooth support. He replied with

That’s a fantastic idea that I hadn’t really thought of. In fact, maybe it’d be best to just have a really basic app that just implements my Bluetooth stuff and sends/receives MIDI messages to other apps with Virtual MIDI. ROTOSynth still has dev to be done on the synth engine, so this way, I could get the BT stuff out without having to finish ROTOSynth first. I’m thinking about taking the project to Kickstarter, I’m just a really busy grad student and I almost need a little startup company to get this going.

…I’m TOTALLY going to back that Kickstarter.

Jay put a page up on his site that details the hardware, software, and some latency stats that YOU HAVE TO SEE. He’s looking for some positive feedback before getting started so if this is something you’d like to see LEAVE HIM A COMMENT HERE!

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MIDI over Bluetooth: Why it’s ideal for iOS

Update: BlueMidi: Bluetooth MIDI for iOS is here! & It has Virtual MIDI!

MIDI over Bluetooth on iOS would be a breakthrough in convenience, portability, as well as save you some money. MIDI controllers with Bluetooth built in would be wireless (obviously) providing for more portability, as there would be no need for an interface or cables. If there was a keyboard like the nanoKEY2 that supported Bluetooth, your mobile studio could be expanded with a physical instrument that you could take with you on those hour long train rides to work. Also, there would be no need for a WiFi network, and your dock connector would be freed up for an audio interface.

Another thought: A free app could (has beenApp Store link) be developed that sends MIDI received via Bluetooth to another app via Virtual MIDI instead of waiting for every developer to add Bluetooth support. Similarly, a physical Bluetooth MIDI plug could allow you to use the hardware you already own.

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