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The iPhone as a Guitar Pedal

I got an email from a reader today sharing that they’re using their iPhone running JamUp Pro, as a guitar pedal…

“I’ve got my strat going into the iRiffPort on my iPhone running JamUp, and that output going into my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe – it’s been great to be able to experiment with so many different pedals on the cheap, and these JamUp simulations are shockingly close!!!”

All the more reason something like this would be super awesome. Route your iPhone in-between physical amps and pedals and be able to stomp activate it’s effects… If such a pedal existed, with high quality IO, MIDI support for assigning controls to effects inside of the apps, and support for multiple audio processing apps, I’d probably buy it in a heartbeat.

JamUp Pro XT (universal) on the

Share your JamUp Pro XT Bass tones on SoundCloud

A new SoundCloud group for sharing your JamUp Pro XT bass tones!

Don’t forget to send your tracks to the iOS Musician SoundCloud group too!

JamUp Pro XT - Positive Grid LLC

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Sonoma Wire Works GuitarTone app is (always) free, and not a bad deal…


The GuitarJack from Sonoma Wire Works gets a lot of criticism for it’s price, but many people are overlooking the fact that you get a free app with it. Not the free version of an app (ah hem…), but a free app, that only works with the GuitarJack. It recently got an update adding…

• Double Cab – the ultimate guitar tone with stereo guitar cabinets – two cabinet and/or microphone combinations at the same time create a killer sound (only on iPhone 5 and iPad)
• Preset Board for quickly jumping between favorite presets (only on iPhone 5 and iPad)
• Noise Gate reduces unwanted noise, with fast mode for high gain amps to produce super crunchy metal tones
• Universal app for use on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
• Improved amp model and tone stack for all amps. Cascading tube amp design responds like a real amp
• Lower latency on newer devices (iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch (5th gen.), iPad mini, iPad 4, iPad 3 and iPad 2)
• More than 60 new presets

The GuitarJack also has exceptional audio quality, and a 1/8 inch input which can be used simultaneously with the 1/4 inch.

See my previous post demoing JamUp Pro and the GuitarJack. I’ll be doing a similar post with demoing Sonoma’s GuitarTone app sometime in the near future…

GuitarTone - Sonoma Wire Works

OverLoud THM guitar amp/effects modelling plug-in for Auria review

A fantastic review of the OverLoud THM IAP (in app purchase) plug-in for Auria by The Music App Blog.

JamUp Pro XT for iOS Guitar tone demos with Sonoma Wire Works GuitarJack 2 + Experience with the GuitarJack

Everything was recorded with the Sonoma Wire Works GuitarJack 2 and JamUp Pro XT, which is a fantastic amp and effects simulation app – the best available on iOS in my opinion. All of the amps and pedals used in these demos come with the app – they’re not unlocked by in app purchases – although the IAPs are worth the extra money. I’ve purchased the bass and effects packs ($9.99 each), both of which sound great and have been loads of fun to experiment with.

JamUp Pro XT - Positive Grid LLC

The GuitarJack 2 sounds great and is extremely durable, but the interface plugs directly into your iDevice – i.e. there’s no cable in-between it and the dock. This makes it pretty hard to get a ‘dock safe’ connection because a bulky guitar cable’s tugging on the same thing that’s plugged into your device. Sonoma Wire Works sells a dockXtender which helps, but it’s cable is also pretty stiff. CDM put up a post confirming the GuitarJack 2′s compatability with the iPhone 5 via the ‘Lightning’ adapter, so if you’ve got an iPhone 5 this is probably your best bet for making the GuitarJack ‘dock safe.’ I don’t own an iPhone 5 or the adapter, but based on the cables used for Apple’s USB adapters, the Lightning adapter’s is most likely very similar.

Other iOS interfaces, like the Apogee Jam, come as separate units that you connect with a provided cable, but don’t offer simultaneous 1/8″ and 1/4″ (the 1/4″ is stereo) recording. Furthermore, the GuitarJack 2 costs $50 more than the Apogee Jam, but does unlock a bunch of gear in their free app when you plug it into your iDevice.

GuitarJack Specs: Input level control with 60 dB gain + 12 dB pad, Lo-Z and Hi-Z modes. More here.

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JamUp Pro XT Auria IAP

Wow. JamUp Pro XT will be available, inside Auria. This could be the start of something! We might start seeing more apps appear as IAPs inside of Auria. It might seem pointless with Audiobus on the way, but having an app as a VST, inside Auria would get everything on the same screen. You can even edit mixer and VST settings while VSTs are open. The Audiobus connection pannel does provide for quick app switching, but having everything on the same screen just sounds better. That’s what I’d prefer anyway…

Of course this won’t compete with Audiobus, as there’s an Audiobus SDK for devs to implement it into their own apps to use with many others, opening up all kinds of possibilities, but for JamUp and any others that we might see, Auria IAPs could be pretty useful.

More info on Positive Grid’s website..

Share your thoughts on the forum: Auria IAPs for apps that already exist?

JamUp Pro XT for iPhone and iPad (currently $9.99 from $19.99) on the JamUp Pro XT - Positive Grid LLC
Auria for iPad on the Auria - WaveMachine Labs, Inc.

AmpKit developers keeping an eye on the AirTurn

As I posted earlier this week, the AirTurn BT-105 Bluetooth page turner could potentially be one brilliant companion for guitar effects processing apps. I just got word from the developers of the AmpKit app for iOS (free version available) regarding Bluetooth support:

We’ve got an eye on the AirTurn, as well as the Griffin Box, the Alesis Docks, and several other pedal controllers designed to work with iOS devices. Our objective is to add compatibility to as wide a range of devices as possible – but we’re not there just yet. I can’t make promises about when, but this is a very hot topic internally, and we continue to look at what can be done in future releases.

Good to know that it’s on their radar. If we do start seeing this, a lot more guitar interfaces will be better suited for live use, as you’ll be able to use a pedal like the AirTurn BT-105 4 pedal version to activate various effects/presets, instead of having to hook up a MIDI pedal board. Plus, less cables is always better. You might even be able to play a live show with just an iPhone, guitar interface, AirTurn pedal, and speaker system!

AmpKit+ - Agile Partners

Free version available: AmpKit - Agile Partners