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[New iOS Musician YouTube Video] BeatMaker 2 Sunrizer Funkbox and Audiobus – 3 Music Apps at once: Live APP Mixing

Update: Check out what you can do with Auria!

See also: Create Digital Music posts thoughts on live app mixing.

BeatMaker 2Sunrizer, and FunkBox go for a ride on the bus…

BeatMaker 2 on the BeatMaker 2 - INTUA

Sunrizer synth on the Sunrizer synth - BeepStreet

SunrizerXS for iPhone on the (not yet Audiobus compatible) SunrizerXS synth - BeepStreet

Funkbox on the FunkBox Drum Machine - Synthetic Bits, LLC

Audiobus on the Audiobus - A Tasty Pixel

New iOS Musician YouTube video: Sonoma GuitarJack and iPhone 5 with Lightning Adapter – A much better dock connection

Sorry about the cardboard, I put my old iPod on a box with a hole in to record the video! (which actually works really well…)

Sonoma Wire Works GuitarJack Model 2 on Amazon
Apple Lightning to 30pin Adapter on Amazon
GuitarTone (FREE) from Sonoma Wire Works on the App Store

In GlitchBreaks Beta: Dynamic Glitch

There’s a toggle in the current GlitchBreaks beta called ‘Dynamic Glitch’ that turns off the glitch pads’ playhead repositioning feature. As you can see in the above video, when I slid my finger across the glitch pad, the playhead remained in the same starting location. This makes it much easier to use the pads because you don’t have to keep your finger completely still while touching the pad.

GlitchBreaks - Alex Matheu

[New iOS Musician YouTube video] BeatMaker v2.4 demo

A beta demo of BeatMaker v2.4 which was submitted yesterday.

Full feature list:
► Stereo bus recording on audio tracks
► Four audio sends available per mixer tracks
► New 6-band parametric equalizer (LPF, low shelf,band pass, peak, notch, high shelf, HPF)
► New side-chain option in compressor effect
► Double-tapping track handles in the sequencer brings instrument/audio track configuration
► iPhone 5 specific graphical update
► UI and engine improvements
► Time-stretch and pitch-shift quality/settings have been improved
► Ability to zoom vertically in the sequencer
► Faster graphic rendering on iPad 3 with iOS 6 installed

► Fix a bug in empty keyboard sampler when LFO settings were changed
► Dropbox will now work when background mode is disabled
► Fix file transfer lock issue on iOS 6
► Fix QUICK LOAD browser files not showing up (uppercase extensions)
► Improve virtual MIDI
► Background mode has been enabled back by default
► MIDI OUT enabled by default

BeatMaker 2 - INTUA

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[iOS Musician YouTube video] FL Studio Mobile v2.0 – First impressions

Update: Check out Image Line’s demo too.

A quick first impression video of FL Studio Mobile v2.0 featuring audio tracks, Dropbox file management, and Virtual MIDI. If you’re familiar with Xewton’s Music Studio, this video will look pretty familiar…

New in v2.0:
• Audio tracks: audio recording (with monitoring), iPod library import, wav/mp3/aac import, AudioPaste
• Wave editor: cut, trim, normalize, reverse, insert silence, fade in/out (3 curves)
• Amped Guitar & Bass pack in the shop
• Background audio and Virtual MIDI (new option in the general setup)
• New sharing option: Dropbox
• Minimum iOS requirement is 4.2

The two versions of FL Studio are equally functional, but the iPhone version needs to be stretched on an iPad. I recommend just getting the iPhone version because you can at least run it on both devices…

Update: FL Studio Mobile HD is now universal!

FL Studio Mobile (iPhone) FL Studio Mobile - Image Line Software
FL Studio Mobile (iPhone & iPad) FL Studio Mobile HD - Image Line Software

MIDI Designer iPhone Video

A quick demo of MIDI Designer beta for iPhone.

MIDI Designer Pro - Confusionists LLC

Lite version MIDI Designer Lite - Confusionists LLC

[New iOS Musician YouTube video] Loopy HD for iPad controlled by a Bluetooth keyboard

Loopy HD for iPhone and iPad (and Loopy for iPhone) supports Bluetooth foot page turners like the AirTurn BT-105, as well a QWERTY keyboards. If you’re looking for a cheap addition to your setup to control this fantastic looper app, this is a very viable option…

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Loopy HD for iPhone and iPad on the Loopy - A Tasty Pixel
Loopy for iPhone on the Loopy - A Tasty Pixel