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Is the iPad Becoming a Viable Platform Choice for Classic Synth Recreation?

This idea has been floating around for sometime now, but the release of Arturia’s iMini for iPad really got me to realize – the iPad has quite a variety of classic synth recreation apps…

-Korg iMS-20

-Korg iPolysix

-Arturia iMini

-Peter Vogel CMI and CMI Pro

-DXi FM synthesizer


Other recreations:


-Korg iKaossilator

-Korg iElectribe & iElectribe Gorillaz Edition


What is it about the iPad that’s attracting so many classic synth recreations? I’ve got it narrowed down to a few contributing features…

1. Touch – A touch screen allows users to interact directly with the synthesizer, not through a keyboard and a mouse, you can literally drag and drop cables in iMS-20, turn knobs and sliders, ect…

2. It’s a second computerLive setups can be complicated. Having a second computing device (especially on that’s as advanced as the iPad) allows musicians to have an extra screen to use software that may have otherwise been crammed onto a laptop along with several other VSTs. This will get exponentially better as soon as the iConnectMIDI 2+ and 4+ arrive with AudioPass Through.

3. Capable of producing complete tracksAudio copy & paste, Virtual MIDI, Audiobus bring all of these apps together.

4. Portability - This one’s a given.

5. Anything else? What do you like about producing on iPads? Leave a comment below!

Korg iPolysix, now Tabletop? Could this be the start of social remixing trend?

When Korg’s new iPolysix app dropped I was shocked in discovering the SoundCloud based remixing feature – what Korg is calling ‘Polyshare’. The app’s built in SoundCoud browser that lets you ‘Remix’ other tracks made with iPolysix, downloading the entire project and putting you right were the original artist was! Same patches, mixer settings, ect… Not only does this make remixing a lot easier and a lot more social, but it turns SoundCloud into a learning resource for aspiring producers. Exploring the project file for a completed track is a great way to learn synthesis, mixing, and the software itself…

Now that Tabletop is doing the same thing, I’m hopeful that this will turn into a trend and more apps will add their own SoundCloud based remixing feature. Maybe DAW apps like BeatMaker or NanoStudio will catch on, that would certainly be interesting.

Is there an app that you’d like to see get SoundCloud based remixing? Leave a comment below!

Korg iPolysix (%50 off until December 31: $14.99) on the KORG iPolysix - KORG INC.
Tabletop (free) on the Tabletop - Retronyms

KORG iPolysix App Review by Smite Matter

This guest post is by iOS musician and blogger Smite Matter. Check out his music on iTunes and more of his reviews on

In 1981 I was eleven years old, and oblivious to synthesizers. It wasn’t until my late teens when I discovered them by introduction through a musician friend with rich parents. I saw and touched a Polysix but never played one.

Korg has given us all an opportunity to revisit one of the more impressive analog synth classics with a perfect replication of iPolysix. So put on your acid-washed jeans, your Sunday best tie-dye, poof your hair, and smoke a….mmm… A um…hmmm. Don’t smoke.

iPolysix comes with a full set of options to recreate early 80s analog synth awesomeness, 2 synth units, 16 to 64 step PolySeq sequencers made just for iPolysix, and a six part drum machine. All of which can be fully automated and mixed with the on-board analog Mixer 8. Additionally, 2 sweet Kaoss pads with chordal expression are packed in.

The main thing that set Polysix apart from the other synths of the day is that polyphony was limited mostly to 5 notes. 5 was a big deal back then! Korg just had to one-up everyone with Polysix, and its 6 note polyphony capability-a big achievement at the time. Not only was it the first 6 note polyphony synth, but it had the amazing rich quality analog sounds Korg was known for that put it on top as a worldwide best seller.

Today we see many classic analog synths being emulated, and for the most part quite well. Having this arrive on iPad sounding as excellent as it does is a significant achievement, once again by Korg. The audio quality is outstanding! No noticeable latency whatsoever, and very stable. More

Video: KORG iPolysix Demo – Retro Funk Lounge

Demo Song for KORG iPolysix.
Live Pattern Play + Performing on KAOSS Pad.
A mix of 80ies Synth Funk and modern Lounge Style.

KORG iPolysix - KORG INC.

Help question: Synth app for 80′s band

Via Email:

“I play in a 80′s cover band. I’m looking to use a good synth app to connect to a MIDI keyboard. Looking to replicate a lot of the 80′s keyboard sounds ala Bon Jovi, VH, etc… what is the best synth app to do this? Most of the stock apps you have to purchase the extra packs to sample the sounds….I’d like to avoid paying to test if possible.

Also, is there any other apps besides the voice app from IK and TC for helping with “vocals” live?”

Definitely, the new Korg iPolysix. Would anyone like to recommend anything else or share any patches? Leave a comment below!

KORG iPolysix - KORG INC.

KORG iPolysix stuff

The new KORG iPolysix app has arrived, here’s some cool stuff worth checking out:

CDM: Classic KORG Polysix, Reimagined for iPad, Becomes All-in-One Workstation

Engadget: Korg’s iPolysix synth app takes your iPad back to the ’80s (video)

App manual

iPolysix has also been added to the SoundCloud, AudioCopy, Core MIDI, and KORG WIST lists.

The app is currently $14.99 – 50% off until December 31th!

KORG iPolysix - KORG INC.