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Quick App Tip #26: MIDI Clock Sync Sunrizer LFO with BeatMaker 2

Get your wobble bass on! MIDI Clock Sync the LFOs in Sunrizer synth with BeatMaker 2 and mix everything in BM via Audiobus. To get BM and Sunrizer talking to each other follow this video tutorial, and then…

  1. Turn on the LFO sync button in Sunrizer:

    Sunrizer synth MIDI clock sync LFO

  2. Turn on clock sync in the BeatMaker 2 settings (tap the home button in the upper left, settings wrench, MIDI setup):

    BeatMaker 2 Sunrizer synth Virtual MIDI Clock sync

Happy wobbling!

BeatMaker 2 on the

Sunrizer synth for iPad on the

SunrizerXS for iPhone on the

Too much setting up? [Part 2]

I’ve been doing some more brainstorming on Audiobus setups and how they could be tied in with settings inside other apps. If you haven’t already read it, you can find part one here.

Using Audiobus with DAW apps is great, but having to load all of the settings in each app has become somewhat problematic for me. I think it would be awesome if, in addition to saving connection pannel setups, Audiobus could save patches in Magellan, beats in iElectribe, projects in BeatMaker 2, presets in JamUp, ect. Think about it, just by opening up a project, everything you were doing inside every app you were using could be exactly the same, and you could (literally) pick up right where you left off. While beta testing the BeatMaker 2 Audiobus update and using it to mix apps live, having to re-connect every app and the settings inside each app got old fast. Being able to simply load everything at once could really go far in terms of convenience and capturing insertional moments…

[New iOS Musician YouTube Video] BeatMaker 2 Sunrizer Funkbox and Audiobus – 3 Music Apps at once: Live APP Mixing

Update: Check out what you can do with Auria!

See also: Create Digital Music posts thoughts on live app mixing.

BeatMaker 2Sunrizer, and FunkBox go for a ride on the bus…

BeatMaker 2 on the BeatMaker 2 - INTUA

Sunrizer synth on the Sunrizer synth - BeepStreet

SunrizerXS for iPhone on the (not yet Audiobus compatible) SunrizerXS synth - BeepStreet

Funkbox on the FunkBox Drum Machine - Synthetic Bits, LLC

Audiobus on the Audiobus - A Tasty Pixel


As suggested by Loopstationlebra, Finger Pro has shared the secrets of reliable MIDI clock syncing between apps to help get more developers on board with this revolutionary feature. For those of you who don’t know, MIDI clock sync is when two CoreMIDI apps play in sync on the same iDevice, (trough multitasking) or on two seperate iDevices (trough Wi-Fi). See the video below for a demonstration.

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Getting More Apps on Board with MIDI Clock Sync

Loopstationzebra posted a comment on my post about the future of iOS MIDI that brings up a very good point: the developers at Finger-Pro should share (if they want to) their method used to get apps clock synced trough CoreMIDI. Loopstationzebra says, “It can only help the iOS MIDI movement more…”

Comment #1:

“I would urge the folks at Finger to share their secret for how they got MIDI sync to work; as well as a host of other great features. It can only help the entire iOS MIDI movement, lol. Clearly devs are struggling with the implementation.”

Comment #2:
“Here’s what I just emailed to the folks at Finger….

An Open Letter To Finger: Bravo for nailing MIDI sync on both MoDrum and BassLine. It’s a pure joy to finally get seemless sync going in a variety of connection methods. BRAVO. However, I come to you now with a request: I’ve got every single app that can sync, and none of them work properly, lol. Clearly we’ve got some very talented developers out there who are truly struggling with iOS MIDI sync issues. I’m humbly asking that you somehow share your secrets and knowledge so that the entire iOS platform can benefit. I realize that you may want to not do that because it was your hard work alone that made it happen, but I’m BEGGING you here, lol. Share the info! Tnx.”

More on the Palm-Sounds forum.

Finger Pro Apps:

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