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Quick App Tip #26: MIDI Clock Sync Sunrizer LFO with BeatMaker 2

Get your wobble bass on! MIDI Clock Sync the LFOs in Sunrizer synth with BeatMaker 2 and mix everything in BM via Audiobus. To get BM and Sunrizer talking to each other follow this video tutorial, and then…

  1. Turn on the LFO sync button in Sunrizer:

    Sunrizer synth MIDI clock sync LFO

  2. Turn on clock sync in the BeatMaker 2 settings (tap the home button in the upper left, settings wrench, MIDI setup):

    BeatMaker 2 Sunrizer synth Virtual MIDI Clock sync

Happy wobbling!

BeatMaker 2 on the

Sunrizer synth for iPad on the

SunrizerXS for iPhone on the

Touch Music Podcast – Episode 2

We’re back with episode 2 of the Touch Music Podcast!

Show Notes:

In case you missed episode 1, we are Tim Webb from Discchord and Chip Boaz from iOS Music And You. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes to keep up with the show!

Use BeatMaker 2 MIDI Editor and MIDI Learn Functionality to Control iOS Synthesizer Apps

If you use your iPad to produce complete tracks, using MIDI to control synthesizers instead of recording them and import the recordings to a DAW app allows you to not only change the notes they play, but lets you to control the knobs and sliders in the synth throughout you track. This provides for a much more productive (and VST like) workflow as you won’t have to rerecord synths if you change any of their settings or try and record the knob/slider changes yourself – but you’ll still be able to process the synth in a DAW app thanks to Audiobus. Here’s a tutorial on how to use BeatMaker 2‘s MIDI editor and MIDI learn functionality to control a synthesizer app…

  1. Open Audiobus and select BeatMaker 2 for the output and a synth with MIDI learn for the input. So far I’ve tested this process so far with Magellan, Magellan JrSunrizerSunrizer XSArctic Keys, and Turnado (tap and hold a parameter to bring up the MIDI learn menu, and tap learn). (If you discover of any other apps that can do this please leave a comment below!)
  2. First, in BM2 add a keyboard sampler track. When prompted to load in a sample set, select “Empty Preset” – we’ll just be using BM2′s sample synth as a MIDI controller.
  3. Tap on the MIDI options in for the keyboard sampler you just created:
    and set the MIDI input and output channels are the same:
  4. In BeatMaker 2 open the ‘MIDI Setup’ menu (tap the home button in the upper left, settings icon, and ‘MIDI Setup’):
    Make sure that the synth you’re using is turned on under input and output.
  5. If you’re using Magellan, go to the preferences tab, open the MIDI learn menu, tap the ‘MIDI Destination’ you want to assign, then tap ‘Learn.’
  6. If you’re using Sunrizer, tap the ‘Learn’ button and then the knob/slider you wish to control:
  7. Switch back to the BM2 and open the sample synth settings:
    Twist one of the knobs in the the BM2 sample synth (since we’re only using BM2 as a MIDI controller it doesn’t matter which one – but be sure to make a mental note of the one you assign).
    Now if you switch back to Magellan, the MIDI CC number for the knob you turned in BM2 will be shown in the CC Map!
  8. Switch back to BM2 and open up the MIDI editor. Select the parameter from the edit menu that you assigned to the knob in Magellan, and draw in some MIDI:Note: You may want to narrow the grid size to 1/96 instead of the default 1/16, to get more of a smooth control over the synths knobs.
    Woohoo! Now BM2 is controlling Magellan’s knobs via virtual MIDI!

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Apps I’ve Tested This With:

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List of Free iOS Synthesizer Preset Packs

I’ve keep finding more and more free synthesizer preset packs, so here’s a list to keep track of them all!

List last updated: July 25, 2013

Are you aware of any missing packs? Did you make you’re own free packs? Leave a comment below!

[New iOS Musician YouTube Video] BeatMaker 2 Sunrizer Funkbox and Audiobus – 3 Music Apps at once: Live APP Mixing

Update: Check out what you can do with Auria!

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BeatMaker 2Sunrizer, and FunkBox go for a ride on the bus…

BeatMaker 2 on the BeatMaker 2 - INTUA

Sunrizer synth on the Sunrizer synth - BeepStreet

SunrizerXS for iPhone on the (not yet Audiobus compatible) SunrizerXS synth - BeepStreet

Funkbox on the FunkBox Drum Machine - Synthetic Bits, LLC

Audiobus on the Audiobus - A Tasty Pixel

Video: Audiobus + SoundPrism + Sunrizer + JamUp Pro XT + ThumbJam

Via Facebook:

Some nice SoundPrism shredding using Audiobus, Sunrizer, and JamUp Pro!

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I’m speechless.

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