Free Developer Services:

  • Submit your iOS music app demos to the iOS Musician SoundCloud Group
  • Get your YouTube app demo added to my categorized iOS music playlists
  • Beta testing: I’d be more than happy to beta test any upcoming iOS music creation app, or app update, for free. In addition to letting know know what I think, I can also post screenshots or videos demoing your upcoming app (if you’d like me to, of course).
  • Social networking: Send in your Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, or Google+ pages and I’ll be sure to follow you!
  • Interviews & news: If you’d like to share any news or set up an interview, don’t hesitate to contact me!


If you’d like to get your app advertised on iOS Musician, please contact me here. Pricing is set so that developers can profit. I realize that iOS is a mobile platform and that many developers are selling their apps for only a few dollars. These prices are based on the number of purchases I’ve tracked during several developer advertising sessions. You may qualify for a significant discount if your app has a low price! As the site gets more popular, rates will increase, but your app will be exposed to more iOS musicians!